Dicking Damien

Dirk Caber brings Damien Moreau shoves the boy’s face into his armpit. Dirk and Damien go back and forth to determine who’s exactly in control. Dirk overpowers the boy and grabs Damien’s hands, locking them up above his head. Mr Caber kneels down to Damien’s rock hard cock and bites down on it as Damien […]

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Berlin Bound

Sam Barclay waits in the boiler building, chained up, and covered in the cum of his previous Dom. Logan McCree strides in, horny and hungry. Seeing the boy in chains he decides to put him through the paces. Heuses him for his pleasure. With steam rising off his cock in the cold Berlin factory, Logan […]

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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

In the house of the lord, Father Acre finishes his prayers. Before he greets the masses, Father Acre grabs his cross and begins touching himself. The horny priest blows his load onto his stomach as Father Richards walks in on him. In an angry fury, Father Richards takes the sinning father down to the catacombs […]

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Student, Bound, Gagged & Fucked!


Rico Romero is studying in the classroom by himself when the creepy handyman Trenton Ducati comes in to fix the heater. Trenton notices the boy studying and tries to be friendly with him, but all he gets is a cold shoulder from Rico. When Trenton has enough with Rico’s attitude he sneaks up behind him […]

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Milking Mike

Connor Maguire orders his boy Mike De Marko to his knees as he removes his clothes. With a boot on his back, Connor inspects Mike, slapping the boy’s ass red before stringing his hands up to the ceiling. Mike endures a flogging as Connor pulls on the boy’s cock as he viciously whips him. His […]

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Prison Fuck

Andrew Justice has kept his prisoner of war, Dirk Caber, captive for ten days, making terrorist threats for a ransom or Dirk’s ass is out of luck. He rips off his clothes and beats his hard cock with the crop. Andrew tears away the duct tape on Dirk’s mouth and shoves his huge cock down […]

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Pounding Liam

Liam crawls in with a chain around his neck, lead by Christian Wilde. Mr Wilde tells the boy he’s only an nothing and he’s going to obey every command. Liam gets down licking Christian’s boots, worshipping his leather. Christian whips out his cock and shoves it down Liam’s throat before tying him down and flogging […]

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Uncut Cock for Handyman

Trenton Ducati is a handyman on a mission. He’s about to fix something, but it’s definitely not a lightbulb. He’s captured one of BIP’s doms as his own, and he’s about to have fun. Trenton has Brandon suspended and Brandon can’t help but get hard when Trenton sucks his cock. Before he let’s Brandon down […]

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Lockup In Kink Prison


In the bowels of the Kink Prison, Officer McGuire is bringing in a new inmate. After a through inspection of his asshole, he sticks his dick in Duncan’s mouth before locking him up in his cell where he can’t get away. Not done with his inspection yet, Duncan is all tied up and is about […]

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Real Life Couples Fuck!


Alessio Romero amp; Rogue Status are real life couples, they’re ordered to stand against the wall hands bounds. They’re warmed up with nice rub from their cocks before they’re subjected to a little caining. After the caning, some flogging. These three studs then fuck in a train. Don’t miss the boot worship. Watch Alessio & […]

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